TRED 140mm Long Extension Pin (Pair) $21.95

TRED 140mm Long Extension Pin (Pair)


TRED 140mm Threaded Extension Mounting Pins will accommodate:
4 x TRED Pro, HD or GT boards stacked or
4 x TRED 1100 or 800 model boards stacked

NOTE: Threaded pins are not compatible with TRED Quick Release Mounting Pin Heads

Suitable for mounting 2-4 original model (TRED 800 and 1100) Recovery Boards.

The TRED Threaded Long Extension Pins are designed to easily and securely mount the TRED 800 and 1100 Recovery Boards to your vehicle, trailer or caravan, due to the TRED 800/1100 higher stacking height. This will increase the range to 18-98mm (0.7" - 3.86").

**NOTE** This is a threaded pin and therefore not compatible with the TRED GT Quick Release ratchet handle.

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For rack mounting hardware, please review the TRED GT Mounting Baseplate adapter kits: 
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What's included:

2 x TRED 140mm/5.5" Threaded Mounting Pins

*Some channel shapes near the mounting holes in recovery boards will not allow the Securing Nut to completely recess into the channel effecting the height range.

*These pins will not work for a stack of 4 TRED800 models and allow the locking feature to work. when paired with the Securing Nut**.


**Securing Nuts are not included and need to be purchased separately. 

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