About TRED Outdoors


TRED Outdoors is seriously committed to adventure and exploration.

Proudly Australian, we make high-quality, reliable outdoor and recovery gear for the explorers of this world – those who fantasise about an open, deserted track as they sit in morning traffic; have daydreams about unzipping a tent at first light.

Whatever kind of explorer you are, we know what gear you need to get you there. After all, we’re explorers too, and have been for decades.

We understand what it takes to make premium, long-lasting outdoor and recovery equipment that you can truly rely on.

Every product we make is the culmination of decades of real-world experience, modern technology and materials, combined with our relentless commitment to continually testing and improving our products.

At our core, our mission is to encourage people to get out and experience our world. By creating the most advanced and reliable outdoor gear available, we allow adventurers of all levels to explore with confidence, no matter where they are.


Aussies are a resilient bunch, and our harsh environments mean we often need to be clever, resourceful and inventive. We look at things a little differently, and always back ourselves to overcome a challenge.

TRED Outdoors started with a realisation that we could supply our fellow adventurers with a better 4wd recovery board. Mix cutting-edge design and the highest-quality materials with that good-old-fashioned Aussie ingenuity, and before we knew it – we had the most advanced and reliable recovery board in the world.

This is when we knew we were on to something special.

A lot has changed since then; our big ideas have continued to grow, and our range now extends far beyond recovery equipment. One thing remains the same though, every TRED product has started with the same thought - “there’s got to be a better way of doing this”.

Our commitment to creating totally reliable gear for the explorers of the world also remains the same. We incessantly test our products in the harshest environments possible, far beyond any normal demand, meaning we can confidently promise that whatever situation you put your TRED Outdoors gear through, we've put it through worse.

From clothing to camping equipment, storage solutions and other accessories, every product in the TRED Outdoors range is designed to offer peak performance, day in, day out.


At the end of the day, we are adventurers just like you.

When you buy TRED Outdoors gear, you don’t just purchase some of the most reliable equipment in the market, you also become part of a global community of adventurers and explorers – all committed to experiencing the world.

Come on a journey with us as we #TREDTogether, continually creating products that help you explore our planet.

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