Why Kickstarter

Why are we launching TRED Pro with Kickstarter?

There are multiple benefits to launching a product via a crowdfunding campaign, however we felt it was a great opportunity to use a platform like Kickstarter to help bring TRED Pro to market in the shortest amount of time possible. We see terrific value in launching TRED Pro to the international market and leveraging Kickstarter’s worldwide popularity to find out what the market wants and engage with customers. Ultimately if we used traditional channels and processes it would take twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months before it is available to customers. To guarantee TRED Pro becomes a reality in less than six (6) months and ensure it is made available globally as economically as possible, we see Kickstarter as being the perfect proponent in raising awareness and achieving support from interested backers.

We have already carried out the R&D, design, engineering, prototyping and testing over the past several months (plus years of field testing of TREDs) and the final design is finished (unless the market intel tells are something we're missing- another benefit of launching on Kickstarter). The funding will ensure manufacturing is accelerated and the product is brought to market globally extremely fast.

Based on volume sales, should particular geographical markets result in bulk sales we will be able to leverage even cheaper freight via full container loads to central locations and then drop ship direct to our customers. Any saving will be passed on directly to our customers, making the product even cheaper. This can’t be done via traditional channels and its the multi layer traditional distribution models that add extra cost to any product.

One final benefit we see of launching via Kickstarter (or any other crowd funding platform) is the ability to take the message of recovery ramps to a huge number of people. Here in Australia it is common practice and knowledge that any vehicle heading off-road should carry a solid recovery kit and part of that kit should include a traction board/ramp. This simply isn’t the case globally and we want to spread the awareness of this product category to the masses. Traction boards are the best form of solo recovery for a vehicle and they also are far safer than highly stressed winches and other steel components that can cause terrible injuries.

Ultimately we have the opportunity based on successfully achieving the goal to bring TRED Pro to you in a third of the time and for a drastically cheaper price, while raising the awareness of this really important type of recovery aid.

In short...

Offering the fastest route to market at the most economical price for our customers was the motivation in launching via a crowdfunding platform.