TRED GT Levelling Package $189.00

TRED GT Levelling Package

$189.00 was $221.85

TRED GT Medium Storage Bag currently out of stock - available end of July

The TRED GT Levelling Package products have been expertly engineered to keep your vehicle, trailer or caravan secure and level. With superior strength, and unique TRED-Link design, it’s never been easier to level your vehicle, caravan, or trailer.


With honeycomb design for superior strength and easy fit and removal of chocks with rope attachment points, the TRED GT Levelling Package is the perfect levelling package for any vehicle, trailer, or caravan.


Please note. TRED GT Levelling Package includes:

  • 2 x TRED GT Levelling Ramps
  • 2 x TRED GT Levelling Ramp Chocks
  • 4 x TRED GT Anti-Sink Plates
  • 2 x TRED GT Wheel Chocks
  • 1 x TRED GT Medium Storage Bag (fits TRED GT Levelling ramps)

Ramp dimensions:
Ramp height: 115mm
Base length: 420mm
Ramp length: 370mm
Ramp width: 248mm

Pack weight (unboxed) 5060g
Ramp weight (each) 1645g
Chock weight (each) 335g
Anti-Sink Plate (each) 275g



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